DIY16: 2019 - Oozing Gloop: COMMUCRACY NOW

Creating a revolutionary vanguard that will develop and present a new economy of government; COMMUCRACY.

Deadline for applications: 2pm, Thursday 27 June
This DIY is supported by DaDaFest

Project summary

Democracy is a plaything of the bourgeois and communism is stained by Stalin. ‘Commu-cracy’ is the bastard child of both with the sins of neither. 

Commucracy's is a meme in which the form delivers the content - Democratic Communism. 

It can be conveyed on Twitter, it's an emancipatory theory for the 21st century. There is a constitutional legislation for it, the B.L.A (Basic Level of Alienation) but beyond this it is as yet unwritten. This is what we will be working on developing and devising over the course of the DIY. 

 The workshop will take place over 3 days corresponding roughly to; Research, Theory and Practice. In a safe space not paralysed by cynicism or scepticism (but certainly featuring it in healthy does of relevant critique.)

On the first day we will pool our shared knowledge.

On the second day we will apply this to the matter at hand. 

On the third day we will become those dreams and spectres that haunt the issue; and resolve them so they may go. 

This will happen in accordance with what Alejandro Jodorowsky calls “Psychomagic” with the aim of creating a new ritual, a new dream to provide a point of departure into a new world.  

How to apply

Applications for this DIY are now closed


Are you a Communist? 

Do you believe that humans can live in relationships beyond exploitation? Where the idea or existence of a subservient and dominant class in society has disappeared? Not the USSR state socialism or anything that has happened before but a communist commitment to the radical revolution of societies.

We are building a coalition of the willing.  

If you are answering no, this is probably not the DIY for you!

Furthermore, participants misrepresenting themselves in the application process with the intent of attending to disrupt our shared ethos will be asked to leave the DIY.

Do you believe in magic?! 

That is to say the non-scientific manipulation of signs and symbols to produce change? It is not to say a certain change causes a certain thing but that without that change it never would have occurred. 

We will be engaging in psycho-magical actions and we need the people within the ritual to give themselves to it for it to work. 


If you do not want to expand your frame of reference, this may also not be the DIY for you.

Dates, times and location

Dates: Monday 2 September – Friday 6 September 2019
Location: Bluecoat, Liverpool


Monday 2 September - Arrivals
Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4, and Thursday 5 September - DIY Workshop days 10am – 6pm (exact times tbc)
Friday 6 September - Departures

It’s important that people do not book travel on the days the workshop is running.

In order to remove financial barriers to participation, we can provide four nights accommodation for participants - please contact us to discuss this further if you are selected and this would be helpful. 

Participants will also receive a £50 contribution towards expenses.

The artist

OOZING GLOOP is a transgressive drag savant who has completed 500 miles of queer pilgrimage through the co-ordinates of their unconscious. This was the furnace that melded six years of disappointing study and a sublime cabaret practice into a provocative performance practice of queer spectacle that explores Awe; the awful, the awesome and the autistic. Being the world’s premier green queen with Asperger’s her interdisciplinary practice seeks to put a very particular voice upon a powerful pedestal of the universal subject and seeks to make society assimilate her, in the same way as society expects him to assimilate it. Troublesome, camp and revolting she has a long history of attending protests, left-wing living, benefits scrounging, gig based economies, affirmative action, structural neglect, personal degradation and euphoric emancipation. Firmly believing in the ability to live beyond exploitation oozing gloop is an infinite engine upon a sphere of infinite dimensions. She has led workshops before in the process of her one-off Zine "Serious Fun" (About why nothing is as much fun as having fun) and also her club night "The Yeast London Cabaret." Her most recent endeavour into the public political realm "The Gloop Show!" Won an award at the Brighton Fringe 2018 and was met with rave reviews at every showing.

For questions about this DIY, please contact the artist.

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