DIY16 - Call for Participants

DIY16 is an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to take part in unusual training and professional development projects conceived and run by artists, for artists.

“Nothing I’ve ever done or will ever do again will compare to these two days. It’s over for me now. This opened me up to what a workshop could be” – Participant, Katherine Araniello and Teresa Albor’s How the Fuck..?, DIY15

“If DIY were a school for artists, I would look forward to going every day.” – Participant, Nando Messias’ Art & the Self: What did Narcissus see?, DIY15

24 DIY projects for both emergent and experienced practitioners will take place across the UK between July and November. Together, these opportunities represent a huge variety of subjects and approaches, including (but not limited to) ghosting, performance training for introverts, coding, sweating, afrofuturism, Pinocchio and trans identities, ritual remembering for womxn of colour, androgyny, performance writing, and awe-making

The DIY lead artists self determine and run their own projects, which includes defining the participants’ application and selection process. If you have any questions about a DIY project, please follow the contact link at the bottom of each DIY project page.

The initial deadline for applications was Thursday 20 June 2019 however we have a select few DIY's with extended deadlines below

You may apply to as many as you wish, all DIY projects are free to participate in and some expenses may be covered where possible.

More about DIY16 and our range of national partners

Applications for all DIYs are now closed:


Beverley Thomas: The Silence

A four-day residential workshop for artists of Colour to explore silence and revitalise their creativity

More details

Cade and MacAskill: The Making of Pinocchio

A playfully theatrical DIY for trans, intersex, non-binary and genderqueer artists exploring notions of realness through the desires of a wooden puppet to be “a real boy”

More details

Fox Irving & Eva Peskin: Step One! Sharing

A two-day workshop on the art of sharing in collaborative encounters for artists in the North West

More details

Jack Tan & Annie Jael Kwan: Potluck Stories

A weekend of intercultural grocery shopping, culinary adventures and sharing stories about ingredients, journeys, migration, nationality and material culture

More details

VORTESSA (Lady Helena Vortex and Miss Giovanna Maria Casetta): GILF Island

Pack your cases, ready to embark on a Dark Romance of the ageing self, Exploring, releasing and adoring the inner GILF

More details

Quiplash: Unsightly Drag

Bringing visually impaired queers and drag performers together to share skills and fuck shit up

More details

Stacy Makishi: Proud Mary!

What’dya get when you cross: Tina Turner, Mary Wollstonecraft and The Virgin Mary? A Proud Mary! The triple-decker-mother of workshops!

More details

Adam Patterson: Green Screen Charivari

Parading for the right to be unfixed, letting surfaces slip and slide, transgressing horizons, bodies, identities and worlds

More details

Adriana Disman: The Confusing Space between

A residential workshop for multi-racial performance people on an island in the English Channel

More details

Ania Bas & Amy Pennington: Performance for shy people. Playwriting for dyslexics. 

A two-day experiment at performance production by shy people and performance writing by bad spellers

More details

Bean and Nicola Woodham: (de)coding performance

Learn to build and program wearable sensors for use in sound based live art

More details

Channing Tatum: Ghosting

A (dis)embodied haunting of institutional space: uncertainty, bad feeling, and the histories we’d rather forget

More details

Charlie Ashwell & Es Morgan: ANDROGYNY!

A weekend of dance and discussion for anyone interested in thinking about gender through dancing

More details

Claire MacDonald: Curse Bless me Now

Daring to curse. Blessing when the world is ending

More details

Daniel Oliver: Scripting Unscriptable Performance

Writing down and getting someone else to perform performances that can not or should not be written down and given to someone else to perform

More details

Edythe Wooley: SWEAT: the sky leaks I leak

Un-straightening, leaking and oozing towards queer entanglement, through an embodied practice of sweating

More details

Jenny Gaskell: Have you tried screaming your heart out and pretending to be Cher?

Creating a connection practice based on karaoke and daydreaming and oversharing and shared chips

More details

Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson: To The Ritual Knowledge Of Remembering Island

3 day immersive workshop, exploring the body, ancestral memory and the land. To liberate creative actions towards a Decolonised Future.

More details

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

Reimagining Scale, Ambition and Access for Monsters in Performance, through the lens of Feminist Sci-Fi: A space for freaks, weirdos, difficult bitches, witches, aliens and polyspecied monsters to imagine their work on a large scale

More details

Liat Rosenthal & Alex Eisenberg: Shiduchs, Shabbes and Shmucks

Exploring artist responses to Jewishness and antisemitism by spending Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest) together.

More details



Creating a revolutionary vanguard that will develop and present a new economy of government; COMMUCRACY

More details

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson & FK Alexander & Andre Neely: THE CULT

Are you feeling fed up and pissed off?
Are you confused and overwhelmed?
Are you isolated and unfulfilled?
Are you ready to welcome ART into your life?

More details

Rebekah Ubuntu: Afrofuturism and Chill

Where Afrofuturism and self-pampering meet.

More details

Tim Jeeves & Lena Simic: The Party Calls You

Between climate breakdown, austerity and Brexit, the UK is facing its greatest political crisis in decades. What place is there for artists within the UK’s political institutions?

More details

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