Live Art and Children

Ongoing Project

LADA works on initiatives relating to Live Art and children, including curatorial projects, programming partnerships, publications, opportunities and resources. The following summary includes links to more information on each initiative.



KAPUTT: The Academy of Destruction

A transgenerational team of six children and six adult artists share their practices, experiences and concepts of destruction in Tate Exchange, London. A collaboration with Sibylle Peters of Theatre of Research (Germany) and Tate Families & Early Years.



An artwork by Sibylle Peters, exploring the potential of Live Art to bridge generations in the form of a game that adults and kids play together. Buy a copy of the game on Unbound or look out for public Play-Ins around the UK and internationally. The PLAYING UP project website includes writing on Live Art and kids by Mary Paterson and other resources.


Restock, Rethink, Reflect Four: on Live Art and Privilege

Sibylle Peters undertook a residency exploring Live Art practices and methodologies in relation to intergenerational practices, especially with children/young people, including the public event My Very First Piece of Live Art.


Study Room Guide & Toolkit

Free print and online resources by Sibylle Peters: a Study Room Guide looking at a range of projects and resources, and a Toolkit that proposes various methodologies on how to conduct research projects with kids.


Hester Chillingworth, LADA’s Thinker in Residence

With a focus on Young People, Gender & Live Art, Hester researches the existing access points to Live Art for young people and how access might be improved and extended; includes blog entries by Hester on their research.


Live Art UK

Many of the organisational members of the Live Art UK network develop and support Live Art by, for, and with kids.


Young People's Resource Pack for Live Art

A resource for teachers and students on Live Art and Performance, 2009-10.



Resources on work for and by children are available through LADA’s Unbound shop.


Other organisations working in these areas include but are not limited to Bootworks Theatre Company, Fevered Sleep and Fundus Theatre.

Listen to Bootworks Theatre Talkshop Podcast, interviews with children's performance makers including Sibylle Peters.