Ongoing Project

Unpacked is a menu of key elements of LADA’s work conceived to introduce Live Art from the UK, or offer bespoke opportunities for national and international presenters to engage with Live Art practices and approaches.

Elements of Unpacked can be presented independently or in combination.


Drawing on the extensive resources we hold in our Study Room and Live Online Channels, LADA offers a diverse range of screening programmes of Live Art practices for presentation as exhibitions or as theatrical screenings within international festivals and events. 
The screening programmes are curated and compiled in close collaboration with host partners and are tailored to respond to their artistic aspirations and curatorial approaches. Recent screenings have included Ouch, on pain and performance in London, Venice and Ljubljana; Live Art &…for IBT17 in Bristol; and Blood Counts for London’s new Science Gallery.


LADA offers a range of Talks including an introduction to the concept and practice of Live Art, an overview of Live Art activities in the UK, and ways of being, and surviving, as a Live Artist. Talks draw on LADA’s extensive resources and experiences to provide engaging sessions tailored to different contexts and constituencies, and are aimed at general audiences interested in contemporary art and more specialist artists, curators and higher education institutions. Alongside bespoke talks, LADA also has a number of pre-prepared talks available for presenters to deliver themselves:

  • The Performance Pack
: A performance enabler, an educational resource and a limited edition artwork. The Performance Pack takes the form of an entertaining illustrated lecture about performance, and especially the relationship between performance and fine art. It comes as a pre-packed performance lecture kit containing everything you need, including script, audio-visual material, props and suggestions for staging. Commissioned by LADA and Tate Modern, and conceived and created by Joshua Sofaer.  Click here for more information about the The Performance Pack.
  • The Many Headed Monster: an original and inventive resource for anyone interested in contemporary performance practices and their relationships with audiences. The Many Headed Monster is a boxed set containing a lecture complete with presentation instructions, extended notes and author’s commentaries, a DVD of 22 performance works/extracts by leading UK and international artists, and 50 full colour image cards. Conceived and created by Joshua Sofaer and published by LADA. Click here for more information about The Many Headed Monster.

Library of Performing Rights

The Library of Performing Rights (LPR) is a resource of materials examining the intersection between performance and Human Rights. LPR was developed by LADA in collaboration with Lois Weaver and Queen Mary University of London for Performance Studies international 12: Performing Rights in 2006.

The materials in the LPR form a roving archive and educational resource, and enables an engagement with the significance of human rights in a time of war and globalisation, making links between international and local communities, and testing innovative practices that might facilitate human rights work. Materials from the LPR have toured internationally to festivals and cities including Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna and Glasgow. See here for information on the LPR§

LADA can provide a bespoke selection of books and DVDs from its specialist Live Art shop Unbound for sale at key events in collaboration with partners.  Find out more about Unbound.

Study Boxes

LADA can offer UK and international promoters temporary installations of bespoke Study Boxes, containing hand picked selections of DVDs, books and other materials from LADA’s Study Room around specific themes. Installed in Festival hubs and other locations, and curated in dialogue with partners, each Study Box can hold between four to ten items and can be used by audiences for a quick browse or a day-long study. LADA has created Study Box installations for festivals and events in UK and Ireland including Spill, Ipswich; In Between Time, Bristol; Live Collision Festival, Dublin; Hackney WickEd Festival, London; Tempting Failure, Bristol and London; Venice International Performance Art Week; A Month of Performance Art, Berlin; Abrons Arts Centre, New York City. Find out more about Study Boxes 


LADA also curates larger Bibliotheques: hand selected collections of materials in response to specific themes and issues relating to Live Art. Bibliotheques function as remote research facilities, boasting the best of LADA’s Study Room resources and materials. Past collections have focused on themes from Live Art and disability to feminism and have featured in festivals and venues in New York and across the UK and Europe. With our ever -growing Study Room, Bibliotheques can be commissioned to cover almost any topic and feature unique, fascinating, and often unexpected materials to help aid research on and engagement with chosen themes.

LADA programmes and projects

LADA produces projects and curates programmes of Live Art that have been delivered in partnership with festivals, venues and other partners across the UK and interationally. Past projects and programmes may be offered to presenters, or commissioned and curated especially. Examples of LADA programmes include:

  • Just Like a Woman: a programme of lectures, shows, readings, installations, screenings, workshops and debates, curated by LADA for the ‘City of Women’ festival 2013 in Slovenia. Over two days a dazzling array of UK-based and international artists interrogated the ways femininity can be 'performed,' with women performing women, women performing men, men performing women, and artists who go beyond the limits of gender altogether. Artists featured included Lois Weaver, Dickie Beau, Narcissister, The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein, Lucy Hutson, The Girls, The Drakes and many more. After its 2013 debut, Just Like a Woman returned in 2015 to London  and New York editions, introducing new artists while also featuring much of the event’s original programming. 

  • PLAYING UP: an artwork by Sibylle Peters, exploring the potential of Live Art to bridge generations. Drawing on key Live Art themes and seminal works, PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together. LADA works with partners in the UK and internationally to present public Play-Ins of PLAYING UP, energetic and enjoyable events that involve groups of kids and accompanying adults, working together as teams to complete activities and tasks in order to create their own work of Live Art. 

Please contact LADA if you would like to discuss any of the above programmmes. 

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